X-Ray digitization on a lateral cervical X-ray

Published July 12, 2015

I digitize every X-Ray I can. Why? I feel with out it, it is like using a blood pressure cuff, but not having a dial to objectify the numbers. Having the information to tell us as doctors, what a normal or abnormal spine is (I have posted research to support this) is important. This is how we can document why a patient is coming to see us and if we can help and what it all means. In MVC, insurance companies will ask how and why we did what we did. If we can not objectify it, it is our word against theirs. With digitization documentation, we can explain it better. Here is a lateral Xray with a graph to help us be objective. This is not enough, you have to understand what this means and how it was caused by the crash. Sign up for this site and we will help you with all the info to help your patients involved in MVCs.shaya lat graph Shaya lat pic


Jordan Bonham

So all of this is done just through posture ray?

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