Records request fee letter

Published July 18, 2015

Attorneys should ask you for a copy of the file. This takes time and resources and we need to be compensated. In fact, the is standard practice. Some attorneys will not pay you  when they get the records. This is why we always send an agreement explaining how much it will be. This is done so everyone understands and agrees that a charge is in place. After we get the letter signed and returned back to us, or we get payment, that is when my staff will take the time away from other tasks to get the records together. Below is a sample letter. Make sure you check with your states rules and prices as these are fees are set.




2727 Pine Street, Unit 1, Boulder, Colorado  80302

Office:  303-938-9070  ~  Fax:  303-938-9170






June 19, 2015



Law Office



Re:       PATIENT




As a professional courtesy and to avoid any misunderstanding of charges associated with your records request for Patient, the fee based on the reasonable, usual and customary fees set forth in the Code of Colorado Regulations is $52.40.


Prepayment is required.  Upon receipt of payment of $XX.XX, records will be mailed directly to your office within thirty (30) days as set forth in the Code of Colorado Regulations.


Cordially and Professionally,



Evan Katz, DC


Enc:  Invoice



Dustin Campion

is this downloadable in a word document?

    Evan Katz

    Just cut and paste to your heading.

Robert Abraham

Do you know the Florida regulation for this? or where to find this information?

    Evan Katz

    I do not know Floridas rules. However, a quick call you your state organization or even a Google search should get you the rules and fees for your area.

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