A great Patient Education Video That Combines The Research

Published October 23, 2015

I had this video custom made for my patients. I incorporated research to explain what is happening. I show this to my patients as well as mention I showed it to them in their notes. This way, if an insurance company questions my care or diagnosis I can show this video and use the research to validate the videos claims. This video is available with YOUR logo for your use for $600, or $300 if you are a “premium member.” Take a look at the video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80032780/Katz_Chiropractic.mp4



Ronald Vogtsberg

Why do you have to ofuscate and complicate watching your videos? Sick games like these…..

    Evan Katz

    Are you saying I make it difficult and complicated to watch the videos?? You push “play”. Or are you saying the content is confusing? I have showed this to 1000s of patients and never have been told that. in fact, about 95% of all those patients say “that makes a lot of sense” after watching it.

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