Evan Katz

Published June 11, 2015

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I have been in private practice since 2000 in Boulder Colorado with my wife Dr. Seana Katz. Since the beginning, we have never been part of any insurance network programs. We’ve built our practice exclusively on referrals by providing exceptional care and service.

Over the years, we have treated many patients who have been involved in motor vehicle crashes. In doing so, we became interested in learning more about these injuries. I have spent a great deal of time in recent years reading research, publishing my own research, and attending many seminars relating to motor vehicle crashes.

I have since presented at many wonderful conferences both here in the USA, Sweden, London, and Australia. I’ve found many of the seminars on “whiplash” that I’ve attended to be disappointing, as they seemed to focus more on “working” with attorneys instead of focusing on how to improve my understanding of these complex injuries and how to apply it clinically.

Throughout my career I have treated many patients involved in MVC and have testified many times as an expert. In doing so, the average jury verdict for a “whiplash” injury when I testify is roughly $400,000. This is because we are very selective in the attorneys with whom we are comfortable billing insurance on a lien. Were this not the case, we would be regularly disappointed in the outcome and the attorney’s lack of knowledge about these complex injuries.

Over time, we have educated attorneys and other providers on the facts of “whiplash” injuries and our treatment, and now we want to pass our knowledge on to you.