Upright Vs Supine MRI With Post Infection After Surgery

Published May 12, 2016

Here is a patient we were treating after a microdiscectomy. After the surgery he became VERY antalgic. The surgeon did a supine MRI and could not see a reason as to why he was doing so poorly. At Professionally Integrated we know that weight bearing imaging can be superior especially with bio-mechanical abnormalities. We “fought” with his surgeon and his insurance company (we are out of network) to get another MRI. The insurance company wanted him to do 6 weeks of pain meds. I argued that pain meds have never been proven to fix a pathology and he needs a weight bearing MRI. I quoted research directly off this site and the MRI was quickly approved.

Unfortunately, the disc herniation was much larger than the supine MRI and he also has an infection of the bone and the disc.

pre post MRI infection site

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