An Abnormal Neck Curve is Weaker and Fails Sooner

Published February 15, 2020

This is such an incredibly important paper that I break down for ease of documenting in your notes, educating your patients and others, and a video breakdown.  This paper discusses important factors in terms of the importance of a normal sagittal alignment of the cervical spine. The authors looked at cervical spines with and without a normal lordosis and applied loads. What these authors found was a change in how strong the cervical spine is with a normal curve, compared to without a normal curve and how much load it can sustain over a period of time. To me, this really shows the importance of our care to improve the curve, but also can help explain when an insurance company asks how you know what your patients  neck looked like before the crash and if they had an abnormal neck before the crash, which we would not know unless we had an image. This just clarifies that the crash led them to be hurt even more. Also, if we are applying the appropriate care to improve the cervical curve, we are also able to show that our care is  to prevent further injury and breaking down!

. Twelve cervical spine specimens obtained in 12 adult sheep were tested. The specimens were randomly
separated into two groups.

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